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      1. Our Latest Posts

        Pioneer v Godfrey : SCC to Decide if Damages Should Rain Down on “Umbrella” Purchasers

        If you are not familiar with the term “umbrella purchasers,” you may very well be forgiven. In everyday conversation the term might simply be used to refer to someone who...

        The Corporate Veil Comes at a Cost: Shareholder Claims Against Third-Parties

        In Brunette v Legault Joly Thiffault, 2018 SCC 55 [Brunette], the Supreme Court of Canada (“SCC”) clarified a long-standing rule that bars shareholders from bringing a cause of action against...

        QCCA Says Prohibitions on Genetic Discrimination Are Not Valid Use of Federal Criminal Law Power

        The Quebec Court of Appeal (“QCCA”) recently delivered its opinion in the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act Reference, [GNDA Reference], concluding that the?Genetic Non-Discrimination Act, SC 2017, c.3 [GNDA]?is beyond the scope...

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